Lonnie and Coral MingsLonnie and Coral Mings

We are an American couple who served as teachers/ministers in Japan for 25 years, working with Osaka Christian Mission, and also Osaka Bible Seminary. Our name—Mings—derives from the Scottish name Menzies, which in Scotland is pronounced like “Mengies” or “Minges.” (There are several possible spellings of the name.)  

In 1987 we felt that God was calling us to go to Israel for ministry. We had already been there twice for study at the Institute of Holy Land Studies (1979, 1983-4) and in 1985, I received the M.A. degree in Judeo-Christian Studies. In 1987 we returned and took up residence at Tantur Theological Institute, on the outskirts of Jerusalem, where I spent two years researching the Eastern Church. Still, all of this seemed no more than a preparation for what we were really intended to do.

In 1990 we received an invitation to join the Center for the Study of Early Christianity. We accepted this call and I taught for the Center for approximately 7 years, while Coral worked as Office Administrator.  CSEC is now known as the University of the Holy Land (UHL). In 1995, I was asked to serve on the Board of  CFI (Christian Friends of Israel). As of this writing, I am no longer on the CFI Board, but I am still writing one of their publications, the Israel News Digest. Coral volunteers with CFI (Christian Friends of Israel) as their Editor of Publications. She also edits two other ministry's publications.

Later I joined the teaching faculty of ICB (Israel College of the Bible). The courses I have taught at the Bible College include: History of Jewish-Christian Relations, Early Church History, Eastern Christianity, and Historical Jesus Studies.

I also serve on the Board of King of Kings Community Jerusalem (formerly KOKA), and Ner Ya'acov (a ministry to Holocaust Survivors). Coral has joined the Board of Netzer Israel (Root of Israel) - a ministry to all those in need in Israel, whether they are Holocaust Survivors, terrorist attack victims, or just the poor. More information and links will be available on this website.

We are faith-workers supported by Churches of Christ/Christian Churches, and individuals. If you would like to contact us for a speaking engagement, use our 'Contact' page , or call (home phone/forwarding agent) 719-528-1295. Contributions to the ministry may be sent to our forwarding agent:

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