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home page. In the Bible the word moed is used quite often, and it is usually translated “time,” “season,” or sometimes “festival,” because the word often refers to one of the special feasts of the Lord. The word also has the sense of “appointed time,” and in Psalm 102:13, that is the way it is translated. “You shall arise and have mercy upon Zion, for the time to favor her, yes, the “appointed time” (moed) has come.” map of Israel

There are all kinds of Christian ministries with many different emphases serving in just about every country in the world. Relatively few of them, however, are concentrating on Israel. About 1990 Lonnie and Coral Mings felt that the time had come to carry out the mandate of Psalm 102:13—that is, to have mercy upon Zion (Jerusalem).

Right now the State of Israel is in one of the most precarious situations she has ever been in. She is surrounded by implacable foes, who have been energetically storing weapons, building tunnels and bunkers, aiming missiles, and getting ready for what they see as a “final showdown” with Israel. In the long run, only God can save this nation. But your prayers are desperately needed.

Go to our 'Articles' page to read some up-to-date information about such things as the "Dead Sea Scrolls" or "Have They Really Found Jesus Tomb"?  More in depth reading can be found on the 'Book' page for the avid reader.  Either way, take a walk through Israel with Lonnie and Coral Mings as they share with you some of their profound findings.

Please use the 'Contact Us', page should you, your church or organization want to learn more about Israel, Islam, the Gnostic Gospels, Jewish-Christian Relations or the dangers of the New Atheism.  Lonnie is a well respected speaker and has taught on all of these topics.

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